Q. Where did the school kittens go for their field trip?
A. To the mewseum!

What’s wrong, cat got your tongue? Don’t be skittish about solving this week’s word problem challenge. This fun brain teaser puzzle will require you to use your logic skills and will help strengthen your elementary school math foundations.

Give it a try, and don’t let the cat out of the bag when you find the answer!

Challenge: Anna has three cats. One is orange, one is brown, and one is white. The white cat is not the oldest. The brown cat is older than the orange cat. The orange cat is younger than the white cat. Put Anna’s cats in order from youngest to oldest.

Are you ready for the solution? Check below…

Solution: Since the white cat is not the oldest, it can only be the youngest or middle cat. That means that for the brown cat to be older than the orange cat, the brown cat has to be the oldest because the orange cat and the white cat must be the two younger cats. Since the orange cat is younger than the white cat, we can conclude that the order is orange, white, then brown.